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Raga and its Effects

The power of musical vibrations connects in some manner all things and all beings and all beings in the universe on all plants of existence. The human body has 72,000 astral nerves (Nadis) which incessantly vibrate in a specific rhythmic pattern. Disturbance in their rhythmic vibration is the root cause of disease. The musical notes restore their normal rhythm, there by b...ringing about good health. Kafi Raga – Evokes a humid, cool, soothing and deep mood Raga Pooriya Dhansari (Hamsanandi-Kamavardini ) – evokes sweet, deep, heavy, cloudy and stable state of mind and prevents acidity.. Raga Mishra Mand – has a very pleasing refreshing light and sweet touch Raga Bageshri – arouses a feeling of darkness, stability, depths and calmness. This raga is also used in treatment of diabetes and hypertension Raga Darbari (Darbari Kanada) – is considered very effective in easing tension. It is a late night raga composed by Tansen for Akbar to relieve his tension after hectic schedule of the daily court life. Raga Bhupali and Todi – give treamendous relief to patients of high blood pressure. Raga Ahir-Bhairav (Chakravakam) – is supposed to sustain chords which automatically brings down blood pressure. Raga Malkauns and Raga Asawari (natabhairavi) – helps to cure low blood pressure. Raga Tilak-Kamod (Nalinakanti), Hansdhwani, Kalavati, Durga(Suddha Saveri) -evoke a very pleasing effect on the nerves. Raga Bihag, Bahar (Kanada), Kafi & Khamaj - For patients suffering from insomnia and need a peaceful sonorous sleep. Useful in the treatment of sleep disorders. Raga Bhairavi - Provides relief T.B, Cancer, Severe Cold, Phlegm, Sinus, toothache . Raga Malhar – Useful in the treatment of asthma and sunstroke. Raga Todi, Poorvi & Jayjaywanti – Provides relief from cold and headache. Raga Hindol & Marava - These ragas are useful in blood purification. Raga Shivaranjani – Useful for memory problems. Raga Kharahara Priya - strengthens the mind and relieves tension. Curative for heart disease and nervous irritablility, neurosis, worry and distress. Raga Hindolam and Vasantha - gives relief from Vatha Roga, B.P, Gastritis and purifies blood. Raga Saranga – cures Pitha Roga. Raga Natabhairavi – cures headache and psychological disorders. Raga Punnagavarali , Sahana – Controls Anger and brings down violence Raga Dwijavanthi – Quells paralysis and sicorders of the mind Raga Ganamurte – Helpful in diabetes Raga Kapi – Sick patients get ove their depression, anxiety. Reduces absent mindedness Raga Ranjani – helps to cure kidney disorders Raga Rathipathipriya – Adds strengh and vigor to a happy wedded life. This 5-swara raga has the power to eliminate poverty. The prayoga of the swaras can wipe off the vibrations of bitter feelings emitted by ill will. Raga Shanmukhapriya - Instills courage in one’s mind and replenishes the energy in the body. Raga Sindhubhairavi – For a Healthy Mind and Body, Love & Happiness, Gentleness, Peace & Tranquillity ,Serenity Raga Hameerkalyani – This particular Hindusthani coloured raaga, one with great therapeutic value relaxes tension with its calming effect and brings down BP to normal 120/80. ( Raga Brindavana Saranga – For Wisdom, Success, Knowledge , Joyfulness and Greater Energy Raga Mohana – Useful for the treatment of migraine headache. Ragas Charukesi, Kalyani (all time raga),Sankarabharanam(evening raga) and Chandrakauns is considered very helpful for heart aliments .(Raga Charukesi - Raga Ananda Bhairavi- Supresses stomach pain in both men and women. Reduces kidney type problems. Controls blood pressure Raga Amrutavarshini – Ushana vyathi nasini ( alleviates diseases related to heat) Raga Reethigowla- A raga that bestows direction when one seeks it.( Raga Madhyamavati – Clears paralysis, giddiness, pain in legs/hands, etc. and nervous complaints. Listen with your heart and not your intellect.

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