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Jay Nair has trained in Indian music, performing from very early age. He teaches music, and uses raga-based music for meditations. Jay composed and sang the complete "HEART SUTRA" sanskrit text for the movie "Journey of the Heart" (2013). He has also composed many Sanskrit, Pali and Tibetan songs, Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, and Mahayana and Adwaita texts in traditional Indian ragas blending melody, devotion and rhythm.

"There’s a meditative quality to the songs, which mix elements including raga, Americana and jazz." The Sacramento Bee

"His sound is equal parts jazz, folk, blues, spirituals and world music." The Union

" Drawing freely from Hindustani classical, delta blues and jazz without being bound by them, what’s noteworthy about Songs of Universal Peace is how naturally Hammond and Nair blend these traditions and depart from them." Dusted Magazine

​"Nair and Hammond provide a similar blueprint for cooperation, and their songs are a breeding ground for mettā. Each leans against and is supported by a mutual respect for the other's sound."

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